Market Fresh

The company has obviously grown in size and scale. More importantly, it has achieved customer confidence owing to its commitment to high quality, original products made available at reasonable prices.

This is an offering that goes beyond value for money. Our 'PURE, FRESH, QUALITY'program ensures customers with the freshest, quality products in each and every one of our stores - across the region.


Fresh fruits and vegetables
Part of our reputation is built on our fruits and vegetable section. It has become the core strength of the Sunrise City chain, with consumers growing to expect only the freshest quality. This has been possible thanks to a committed quality control division, working efficiently to ensure that only highest standards are maintained.

  Along with freshness, they have also come to get used to the variety of imported fruits and vegetables from India and other parts of the world, further enhancing our strengths.

Along with a varied range of branded spices, the Sunrise City chain has its own private label of spices. This allows us to meet our high standards as well as offer fresh, exotic spices to our customers.