About Us

Where we began

A household name in the UAE today, Sunrise entered this market on a humble note in 1977. During this period, we have earned the label of 'your friendly neighborhood supermarket', competing with the biggest names in this sector.
The niche we carved is worthy, both for our offerings as well as our image.
While the path we followed was a determined and focused one, we could not have reached where we are without one key pillar - customer satisfaction. This has been our motivation as much as our invaluable reward and it continues to drive us ahead.
Standing strong as a supermarket chain with fourteen outlets in operation, and several more in the pipeline, our current strength of above three hundred employees has a lot to look forward to.
Starting with a restructuring plan to increase operational efficiency and a working model on infrastructure development, we see ourselves more than proficient to handle the new business developments.

The way ahead

We have already made a mark in the UAE's retail sector. With expansion plans and perspectives, our imprint will only get more deeply etched.
The second phase will see the Sunrise City chain reaching into Abu Dhabi and other Emirates. We are sure of achieving the same recognition and success with every new household we service.
As you read this, negotiations with relevant partners are ongoing across the regions of GCC, North Africa and India. The company is also chartering its diversification into the hospitality and travel & tourism industries.
Dear Friends,
They say to move ahead, you need to know how far you have already come. As I look back, it fills me with great pride to be a part of our journey. With this pride and fresh enthusiasm, I step ahead into new opportunities and growth.
Speaking of growth, the Sunrise City family has been a part of the shift in the global retail sector. Not just in logistics but also the definition of what supermarkets have come to mean to today's consumers. From being mere sellers of fast moving consumer goods, supermarkets across the world have to keep up with the dramatic rise in the amount of information and economic globalization. The effect of new technologies, advanced marketing and presentation techniques, progressive distribution and services is reflected across our UAE stores.
The rapid growth of the retail industry has lead to a re-alignment in the supermarket sector services. Traditional and relatively backward retail models are on the decline. Changing consumer demands on retail operators are increasing owing to their knowledge on economic awareness and open market situations. While this may appear to be a challenge, we look at it as an opportunity.
In such a competitive environment, our management team has pooled in its professional expertise to develop a new customized level of purchase and inventory solutions - delivering the highest quality products at the most reasonable price. With our new 'PURE, FRESH, QUALITY' mantra, we have devised a solution for inventory bottlenecks, ensuring the delivery of fine quality products to our consumers.
With every step, we have moved closer to our mission of pioneering, innovating and developing the Sunrise City chain, thus creating value for our patrons and the region we thrive in.
Today, it is easy to talk about these achievements more because they are visible. With every change we make, we hope to give you, as a consumer, a better experience, where you feel the ease of shopping from the first item you pick up till you walk out of the store. By improving our services and making our model more versatile, we create reasons for you to keep coming back.
We believe in measuring new ideas with experience. So as we walk bravely and briskly to keep up with the changing world, we also pause to reflect, analyze, rationalize and reinvent the rules as the game evolves.
With this mindset, we proudly introduce the DEALS SUPERMARKET brand, our express supermarket stores conveniently located in select areas. With offerings like a modern fresh bakery and the renowned Illy Coffee experience, it has been a success right from the first store in Dubai Marina.
From the number of Deals branches opening at such a smiling pace, it runs as a parallel success story for the Sunrise City chain.
Here's to a new age of professionalism and resourcefulness.


Bhavesh Gokal

The Sunrise City supermarket is committed to our mission; to be a successful, well laid, clean and customer friendly food retailer in the world.
As an effort to stand by our words, we have a checklist that guides us at every level, through the everyday working of our business. The following pointers are in tune with our goals as well our character.
We work to:
  • offer finest quality and freshest products to our customers
  • give all our customers value for money
  • listen to our customer needs carefully and respond uniquely
  • promote superior relationships with our stake holders
  • create opportunities
  • serve the community in a most socially responsible manner

Deals Supermarket

deals_left.jpgA brand new venture, Deals is a convenience store chain launched by the Sunrise City Group, early in 2008. What began as an attempt to explore further business avenues, is now a name as friendly as Sunrise City.
As a subsidiary company of Sunrise City group, the first branch of Deals supermarket became operational at Al Fattan Tower in Dubai Marina on February 2008. By mid 2008, Deals supermarket extended operations with its second branch in Al Barsha, Dubai.
The Deals success has become obvious and promises to draw new consumers with offerings like a state of the art fresh bakery.